Exclusive !
SonoPedics introduce this exclusive service in collaboration with Swiss Approval International. 

Swiss Approval International is:

  • a Leading, Independent Company, in the Inspection and Certification Sector and

  • an accredited network of Certification Centres [CC] & Auditing Offices [AO], according to the Standards ISO 17020, ISO 17021, ISO 17024, ISO 17065 and ISO17025.

The Personal ISO Certification

Offering added value is an important driver and SonoPedics proudly offers the exclusive additional option to enrol for your personal worldwide-acknowledged ISO 17024 Certification as an MSK Ultrasound Operator.


This new and improved International Standard standardises and harmonises the ultrasound scanning, identification and measurement of structures for any healthcare professional, who is eligible to access and use of ultrasound in his/her country. 

Why ISO 17024?

Raising the competence and standing out from others is essential for improving the delivered services and people with additional certified skills gain confidence to grow further.

Check with your country's and employer's requirements to see if a personal ISO would work for you.


Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at info@sonopedics.com.