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Achilles tendon rupture

Long and short axis views of the Achilles tendon.

Patient was referred to the radiology department, following a complete full-width thickness rupture 8 weeks before the ultrasound scan. The ultrasound scan was performed to assess the integrity of the tendon and whether it is intact.

The Achilles tendon presents with thickening measuring distally (15.3mm), mid-portion (13.4mm) and proximally (8.8mm) just caudally to the musculotendinous junction. It also appears hypoechoic and with loss of normal fibrillar pattern.

There are focal hypo-anechoic defects in the intrasubstance of the tendon (measuring 3.6mm), mainly at its mid-portion level, in keeping with small partial thickness tears that appear to be under the healing process - but overall the tendon appears intact.

Continuity of the tendon was also demonstrated during subtle ankle movements with the tendon sliding cranially and caudally.

No signs of hyperaemia were observed when assessed under Power/Colour Doppler.



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